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Family owned and operated for 60 years, we are proud to provide pest control and insect exterminating services to Worcester, MA and surrounding areas. Absco Pest Control specializes in Termite, Carpenter Ant and General Insect Seasonal Maintenance Programs for home owners. We offer non-chemical treatments including treatment for voles/moles management. We also offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs that are green, meaning they are earth and pet friendly, as well as organic tick treatment.

We bring many years of experience to each and every job site, making sure your pest problem is solved correctly. We use the latest pest management techniques available to you to protect your family, property and pets. We offer monthly, quarterly, one time and seasonal ant programs to fit your specific needs.
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Buying, refinancing a home or other property we can help you with VA/FHA or conventional wood boring insect inspection and report.


"Tony was very professional and informative. Had the job done very quickly and answered all my questions. Would use them again."
- anonymous, 08/31/2014
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